Bored or stressed while waiting for a streetcar that never comes?

What does standing at a bus stop suggest to the body that waits, and what are the mechanisms that ‘convince’ us to do nothing but wait? What are the links between waiting for a streetcar and boredom? Can boredom be transformed via random encounters among bodies in transit?

Interference Project: Wait! is looking for artists interested in engaging the above questions for an experiment in the active re-composition of spaces at streetcar and bus stops around the city of Toronto. As an interference, rather than an intervention, the project aims at playful stimulations of possible relations between (or among) commuters waiting for public transport and the feeling of boredom.

We call for artists whose work explores relational, affective, soft, subtle, fugitive, tactical, high-tech, low-tech, no-tech, invisible and/or non-confrontational interferences to join us in the occupation of bus stops for any specified time between May 1-7, 2009

See Project Description and the special Mayday call for more information

Please send your interference proposal and artist statement to by April 18th 2009 or contact us for further information.

UPDATE: This project is ongoing. Please email us if you have an idea or are interested in playing with us!


One response to “CALL

  1. David good

    I am Eugenio Salas friend. We are very interested but what is the date? He said you mentioned the deadline was not important? Let us know. We have a great idea!
    David good

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